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One does not typically seek legal council unless something unfortunate happened. This was my case. I made a mistake and spent weeks feeling lost and confused. I worked with Chris and he did a phenomenal job of setting expectations, preparing me for success and easing my nerves. He always responded to me in a timely matter and was available to talk. He helped get my charges reduced and ticket thrown out.

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I am beyond grateful with my choice in representation. Chris was always responsive and transparent at every step. Great teamwork within the firm as well — when necessary, Charlotte and Stephanie stepped up to the plate without missing a beat. Friendly and professional staff. Highly recommend. When we needed help, they were on it right away. Barton Morris takes a personal interest in you as a client and does his best to attain a good outcome. The office was pleasant and responsive and the reputation is well respected in the courts.

I would recommend them to anyone who is in need of an attorney.

I was being charged with 7 misdemeanors, and 3 civil infractions. My only charge was to plead guilty to DWVI. First, when I met with Morris, I expressed that I wanted him and would pay more for him to appear at my court dates but he never did. Next Tuesday I have a trial scheduled but I think it will be resolved before hand so I will be able available for you. To me The day of pleading, I told her that I was only pleading guilty to one misdemeanor and that she needed to talk to the prosecutor with a higher confidence and accept only me pleading to one misdemeanor.

I told her to let this be a lesson to never settle and I do really appreciate Stephanie a lot. Again, 3, My previous counsel was grossly incompetent and put me in a very detrimental position. Dave is a saving grace! From our very first meeting through the litigation process he was strategic, persuasive, assertive and professional! He exceeded my expectations and was successful in every way for my family!! He is simply the best! Thank you Dave!!! My son was facing multiple felony charges with a prison term of over 35 years.

We had already gone through two attorneys that gave us very little hope. Like most people that have never dealt with a situation like this, I turned to Google. And there he was.

Patrick T. Barone, J.D., C.P., P.A.T.

The man that gave my son a second chance at life. David worked quickly and diligently to devise a defense that kept my son out of prison. He was personable and compassionate. He was attentive and confident. He is a winner. We were fortunate to have David Kramer as our attorney, and now, blessed to call him a friend.

I know David is a spiritual man and gives all the credit to a Higher Power but it was through David that this came to be. We are forever grateful. Thank you for being His hands and feet. Hr is very knowledgeable about the judges in the area and how they are likely to react. He is very clear about what you can do to put yourself in the best position before going in front of a judge along with how you can present yourself in the best light.

It was very refreshing to meet such an honest person who is completely focused on working with his clients to achieve the best outcome instead of telling them what they want to hear. His assessment was very realistic and by working with him my outcome was as good as I could have hoped for. I was extremely panicked especially about my license at the time.

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David quickly re-assured me on several of my concerns and explained the likely outcomes. Despite a few surprise complications, David was still able to secure an outcome that resulted in no loss of license. I would definitely recommend David to anyone else in a similar situation! What he promised me in our initial meeting is exactly what materialized.

He left me wondering a couple times, but pulled through for me when it counted. Anyway, he went above and beyond what I expected and the charges were eventually dismissed.


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Saved my life, really. The whole while his office worked with my budget and provided updates for my overly cautious employer so that I could continue working during the ordeal. He took the time to explain everything without making me feel dumb. He fought for me and got me a great outcome for my case.

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He is a great guy that eased my stress about my case and I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you Paul! He knows the Law very well and gives advice that helps. If you or a loved one require an Attorney than can fight and win for you please call Paul. A person who cares about his clients and their well-being. Paul goes out of his way to help his clients and knows the Law inside and out. If a person had cancer and was looking for the best doctor they would search all over the internet for someone who can cure them. Thank you Paul for the help you provided to my friend I really appreciate it.

Tafelski is an excellent choice for an attorney. We were stuck in a difficult situation, he listened intently, was sincere, and made us feel supported during a very stressful time. He is an upstanding professional who really does want to help! We are so glad that we found a compassionate human being to help us during a very vulnerable time. Thank you Paul for all of your help!!! With A 2 to 5 year felony overhead, he was able to get it taken down to a simple misdemeanor with possession charges throw out and just a short stint of non reporting probation I highly recommend Mister Maurice Davis if you run into any issues similar or just as the same…….

Davis represented me and did a great job everything was dismissed. He also have great communication very warm!!!! Davis championed my License Reinstatement hearing and I was very happy with the positive appeal. He was punctual, professional, and knowledgeable of the proceeding of how things would go from years of experience.

Davis helped me feel confident and prepared for the hearing from the application stage to the hearing date. Davis was a God sent Angel to get me through my situation.

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For any criminal charges that anyone is facing, I would suggest the Davis Law Group in a heartbeat. He tried his hardest to make sure that my situation would not affect me in the future since I am 19 and he did exactly that. Thank you again Mr.


As I first timer, I strongly recommend him, if you want good results; and want someone who will take the time-to walk you through, such an uneasy process. He is kind, highly competent, professional, and compassionate, in his work. I am SO thankful for Aaron.

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Two thumbs up!! He made sure not to judge me or look down upon my actions. He spoke with confidence and managed to get me only six months of probation with four days of work detail. I was extremely surprised by the lenient judgement and I believe it was due to Aaron.

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He keeps you updated, calls and makes sure to inform you on what to say at the trial. Could have not asked for a more seamless process and interaction. Got my charge reduced to something different. Gave me guidance to do everything that was necessary before my court date which lead to have the judge sentence me all in one day. Highly recommend! Thank you Aaron from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you Mr Marks, I will forever have you in my thoughts and prayers.