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Birth and death certificates are available from , marriage licenses are available from and dissolution of marriage certificates are available from Requests for New York Vital Records can be made in person, online or by mail, and more information regarding how to request vital records is available on the New York State Department of Health website. Start Your Records Search:. First Name. Last Name. Which State?

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Start Searching. If an arrest does not result in a conviction —e. If the record does result in a conviction, then the record of the arrest, then any successfully sealing of the conviction will also include the record of the arrest. Drug-related misdemeanor and felony offenses in New York can be sealed, provided the individual completes a Judicial Diversion Program, DTAP Drug Treatment Alternative to Treatment Program , or a similar substance abuse treatment program recognized by the court. Learn more about sealing drug crimes in New York.

A Certificate of Good Conduct or a Certificate of Relief from Disabilities can lift some of the restrictions imposed by a criminal conviction in New York. If you or a loved one wants to have their NY criminal record sealed, contact the attorneys of the Rosenblum Law today. Our skilled criminal defense attorneys have helped many people in similar situations. They will defend your constitutional rights and offer you the best chance to put your past mistakes behind you. E-mail or Call us today at In addition to employees Read More.

A Michigan woman has been allowed to advance a lawsuit after a U. Staying out of trouble, satisfying the required sentencing and fines, filling out the paperwork, etc. Now Read More. Seal Criminal Record in New York. These would include the Certificate of Disposition for the conviction s , a sworn statement of the reasons the conviction should be sealed, and any other documentation that supports the argument for sealing. Submit the application to the court presided over the criminal offense s. If multiple crimes were tried at different courts, the application should go to the court that tried the more serious crime.

Submit copy of the application to the District Attorney DA of the county where the conviction occurred.

New York provides online searches of court cases. Individuals may access documents online from all levels of the New york courts, but some courts restrict the information and the manner in which individuals may search for information. In some cases, criminal records that are sealed may still be discovered using an unofficial background check of public court records.

New York allows for certain crimes to be sealed. In some cases, the conviction is sealed, but not the documents that relate to the crime, including the record of court proceedings. No arrest records will ever be included in a background check for employment in New York. Employers are required to use only convictions in consideration, and are heavily restricted from using many types of crimes as a basis for discrimination. In order to review your own New York state criminal record, follow instructions on this page.

It is possible to research past cases through public records.

NYPD Has Databases of Expunged Stop-And-Frisk Arrests, Bronx Defenders Say | The Marshall Project

Pending criminal cases may be researched here. This site pertains to cases with future hearings only. Pending civil cases may be searched by name, docket number, or attorney through this site.

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These sites also allow for case tracking via email notification. New York Background Check An official background check in New York is used by employers, landlords, and financial institutions to determine if an applicant is a good fit. An unofficial check cannot be used for official purposes, but it can tell a lot about: Neighbors Friends Co-Workers Enemies Romantic Interests The Doorman Unofficial background checks use access to public records to get some of the information included in official background checks.

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The New York Freedom of Information Law guarantees the right of members of the public to view and access numerous types of records retained by local and state government agencies and courts. The law establishes the responsibilities of state agencies and affiliates to maintain and make available to the public a wide number of documents, including planning meetings, state legislative records, and electronic communications. New York heavily restricts the use of background checks by employers. Numerous state laws provide protection for those convicted of previous crimes. It is illegal for employers to inquire about prior arrests or charges, but not convictions.

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Dismissed, youthful offender adjudication, and sealed records are also off limits for employers to ask about. The law is required to be posted in areas accessible to employees. Firearm Background Checks New York.

source link A background check is necessary for any firearm sale in the state of New York. New York is a May Issue state, and a background check will be required for a concealed carry permit. Applicants will need to prove they have a necessary reason for concealed carry to be approved. Criminal Laws and Statistics in New York. In New York, the state and the city of New York have instituted special laws to prohibit discrimination based on criminal background checks. The state is also relaxing the long-standing prohibition on convicted felons living in subsidized housing.

Through a new program, ex-cons can register for a job training school and by meeting certain requirements, be allowed to return to subsidized housing where their families may reside. A job and housing are important factors in reducing recidivism.