Everyone who looks like me is my friend

The problem was not that you told him how much money you make. The problem is that your friend was a jealous scrub. If a friend of mine is doing better than me, I congratulate him and learn whatever I can from him to see if I can use it to do better for myself. It works both ways. Only idiots and bums get bitter when they find out their friends make more than them.

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Smart people will observe and find out what they need to do to better their own situation. Now you have one less scrub in your life. Go make some winner friends :. You know what? A true friend would be happy that I provided the information he wanted, and be happy that I made what I made. Joel…you make everything feel right and positive.

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And I wish I had more friends that had the same point of view as you do. People can rave about how hard and unfair it is that they have no money. But when you talk about money and you have money it can be a sticky subject. I agree with you Joel. A friend should be happy for your success.

I had a friend early in my career who shared with me how much she made and benefits. This helped me know that I had a low ball offer and take a pass on a job. My husband started his business 5 years ago.

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First, k…second, k…third k goes on and on we are in the Bay Area. When money first started rolling in the first year, it was exciting more for him than me.

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I came from a normal mid-class income family. My husband came from poor…dirty 2 bed apartment living and single mother raising 7 kids. Unless you are really good at hiding things. The first 3 years were exciting, fun and new shine new things my husband bought. Year 3 and 4 you realize people asking for money and expecting you to pay for everything and just want to hang out with you for no particular reason. Year 4 and 5…you start noticing the haters in at least one corner of the room.

And now I recognize the others that really could care less about US. When the subject comes up I shut my mouth and watch what I say. Then again when I am around the rich people in our neighbor they are just as worst if not worst. The rich people act like they are better than you! Who has nicest car, biggest house, vacation homes. I am super duper grateful to be blessed like this. I like this article. I think it is always best not to reveal how much money you make or if you get a bonus or any extra money to anyone. If you must share with someone,go online and share anonymously.

I recently had to learn that the hard way,when I was supposed to get some financial help from someone and I told a couple of friends about it and how I was glad that I was going to get that financial help. Well anyway about a week later,the individual who I was supposed to get financial help from,said that they can no longer help me,and did not give me a good reason why. If just going to avoid those questions or say I got a second job to pay for this or that and not say exactly how much I make.

I think it is wise not to reveal how wealthy you are to strangers. You would welcome unwanted dishonest friends who can be best avoided. However, I do not find any harm in revealing how much you make, to friends. If your friend envies you or hates you for this, then that friend is not worth having, in my opinion.

It is always good to make friends who share common interest than make friends in the same wealth bracket we are in. However, revealing a salary to co-workers is a completely different issue. Companies and corporations want you to believe that it is in your best interest to not reveal your salaries.

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  • This scenario is only in the best interest of the corporations. By sharing salary number with your peers you make sure that on an average you are not being underpaid and overworked. People will always pick up on little clues about your income level just by you living your life, no matter how humble you choose to live it. In a game of poker who has the power? I strongly dislike such types of people and would be rejoiced to rid them out of my life. When it comes to money, materialistic things, relationships, etc.

    I HATE competition. Its better not to reveal because you never know who will knock on your door in the middle of the night with knife in his hand.. You should never tell… I have friends always using different tactics to try to gather information about how much I make, how much rent I pay, etc. I always avoid the answer, sometimes in a very obvious way. Why do people need to know? There really is nothing useful they can do with that information. I grew poor, I had a baby when I was 18 in highschool. People told me I would fail. At 19 I got a job at a company making over , a year gross.

    That same year I bought rental property. I have continued to expand, and make money off different things. Because I never went to college, when people ask how much money I make at 25 I told them. People think the opposite, I love to prove them wrong. I sure wish I would have seen this advice at some other point in life. I have issues with family and friends over money, I am an Entreprenur spirt.

    I talk about money constantly. Big mistake. I filled a 13 to keep my estate because I lost my career. Its all ready said enough for however your living. Family should not know either. They make a lot of passive aggressive comments to me about it as they apparently think I should be making less than them. Thanks for the article Sam. I feel like I made a mistake, I told my best friend that I make a six-figure salary. She used to work until she decided to go back to school, where her international student fees are pretty high.

    While trying to take a decision and explaining to her my situation, about wether to jump ship first and follow my dreams or wait it out, I blurted out that I make a six-figure salary. She sounded a little surprised but took it in stride and we discussed the dilemma. Is it terribly wrong for me to have done that?

    winnerhonda.com.br/wp-content/map.php She keeps things in confidence and I trust her, I just feel bad about how I said it. For example, I had a friend long ago who dropped out of high-school and immediately started making k a year.


    Our lives became drastically different as well as the people we associated with. I was a poor engineering student while he was a well off 17 year old entrepreneur. This feeling of inadequacy compounds on itself, and salary plays a huge role. This train of thought quickly leads a person to feeling inadequate, which nobody likes to feel.

    It even causes some to give up completely if it goes on for too many years. This can result in people giving up their career entirely as they see no correlation between the effort they put in and their salaries.