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LDF will continue to argue that marriage discrimination violates the Equal Protection Clause until all Americans are guaranteed the fundamental right to marry the individual he or she loves. The brief argued that the Court should apply heightened scrutiny to laws, such as Proposition 8, that discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation.

Pennsylvania governor won't appeal same-sex marriage ruling

Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. Marriage Equality Case: Marriage Equality. LDF Statement on U. May 12, May 06, September 23, Having trouble viewing this email?

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Click here. Receive this as a forward? Get the Nooner in your e-mail box. Today we depart from constitutional questions as the Supreme Court vacays until October, and return to Sacramento for an expected late morning budget signing.

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The governor must act on most of the budget and trailer bills by midnight, and has called a signing event scheduled for 11am in his office. Of course, the news that most of us care about won't be what he signs, but rather what he line-item vetoes. The AG's web site is flying a rainbow flag.

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Is it me or is her personal visibility in this making it clear that her future is in elected office, as I don't see her getting confirmed by the U. Senate for anything anytime soon.

LA Times supports gay marriage

The Ninth Circuit is expected to wait 25 days before vacating its opinion in Perry , after which counties are expecting to start granting licenses. The survey focuses on information technology, but also gets in some of our standard questions. Click here Receive this as a forward? Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage in California could hobble the proponents of other, unrelated ballot initiatives, the president of a taxpayers group said today he is considering an effort to enshrine in the state constitution the authority of initiative proponents to defend their measures in court. Kamala Harris urged the U. Jerry Brown signs California budget bill David Siders blogs.

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